More Than A Container

I have been thinking more and more about our union with Jesus Christ, and have concluded that the mystery of Christ in us and we in Him is an extremely great mystery. In fact great is not the right word to describe it. It is huge; it is beyond human comprehension. It is wonderfully exciting. It is radical. It is the most radical truth known to mankind or rather that can be known. It is strangely not too well-known and spoken of today. I am thankful to those I come across who are speaking about this tremendously freeing truth.

In my thinking of this hugely great exciting truth, some sayings that I have heard and that I have said myself in describing it no longer seem to be grand enough to hold it any longer. There is always the necessity to make sure that we know that God is God and that we are not God. Which really is an easy thing to hold onto. God is omnipresent. I am not. God is all-knowing, but I am not and on and on. However in a grand exciting mystical way we are one with God through Jesus Christ.

In an effort to not get confused about who is God and that we are not God is the saying that we are containers. Christ is in us ,we contain Him. As a beginning point of further understanding our union and relationship with Christ, that seems to be ok. But after some growth, we can see that being a container is no longer true to its form and the grand truth we are given. Walk with me for a few moments. Being a container means that we are separate from who we contain. Being a container means that our nature at its core is different from the nature of who we contain. Being a container means that who that is in me is very different from who I am. It means that I am not one with who is in me otherwise who that is in me is also a container. Being a container is lifeless. The container that holds my orange juice is rigid, hard, lifeless. It can not become one with my orange juice. It can not express the orange juice that it contains. The vessel that Paul speaks of wherein we have this treasure is our earthen bodies. We know that our bodies do not define who we are, but rather we are defined by who is in us.

So this mystery of Christ in me and me in Christ is opening up to grander understanding of what it means to be one with Jesus Christ. Even the truth that as He is right now so are we in this present world. Jesus is more than a container, and that makes us more than containers.

Right now we are the sons of God, not containers. Being organic also makes it impossible to be containers. The very nature of being organic mean life, growing, moving, becoming. The thought of containers must also be organic, living, moving, growing, becoming. I am resting on being members of the Body of Christ. Understanding body and body dynamics I believe leads us further in our understanding of our union oneness and relationship with Jesus Christ. We are His Body and members in particular, wherein His divine life flows through us. And we are told that as His Body we are the fullness of Him which fills all in all. We (respectfully and most honorably) complete Him.

Body dynamics is where I we lack the most in understanding. It’s no wonder, most of us understand very little of our own physical body; how it works, how it functions together, how interdependent every member of our body is, that there are some extremely critical functions that are designed to operate automatically, less we mess it up and cause fatal consequences. If the Holy Spirit of God said that we are the Body of Christ and members in particular, that settles it. Now we must grow in understanding body dynamics as it relates to the Body of Christ, the church.

If we know very little of how our physical bodies operate and thereby cause harm to ourselves, how much more are we lacking in understanding how the Divine Spiritual Body of Christ operates? 

Jesus lays before us quite a statement when He tells us that He is in us and we are in Him just like He is in the Father and the Father is in Him, and that there will come a day when we will know this. We will know that we are in Him and He is in us. We will know that we are one just like He and the Father are one. I believe He had more in mind than just containers.

Please share your thoughts. What are you learning about Jesus that is leading you to a clearer understanding of your oneness with Him?