Who Is The Christ That Is In Us?

The great news that we have embraced that Christ is in us is a most amazing fact. It is of such great magnitude that we hardly can get our minds around it. In fact we really don’t get any of our minds around this amazing fact and truth. With the powerful deliberate work of the Holy Ghost we can see through a glass darkly. We still can not see as clearly as the truth really is of God’s living in us every single day, rather every single moment of every single day. Wow! He is right now alive in us. He is alive in you right now. Thanks God for His abiding presence in us. 

I am getting more excited every time we come together in Waldorf Maryland as Christ’s Church. The name was given to us for the purpose of becoming a living example of the Body of Christ. We are just a small part of a great number of persons who make up the Body of Christ. Every time we come together, not just on Sunday mornings, but whenever and where ever, we are challenged to see one another as members of Christ. We want to see one another as vessels in which Christ actually lives. We are looking forward to the unique expressions of Christ in the faces we see when we come together. We are encouraging one another to actually see Christ in themselves and one another; to no longer just see our outside selves of flesh but Christ in us each one of us.

It seems to be a slow process, but we are learning that there are so many false ideas we have had about God, Jesus, ourselves and others that it just takes time. We are glad that God is patient and knows who we are and what it takes to get us to the place of maturity in Christ that He desires for us. We also understand that great truths require solid foundations to be laid upon which our lives are being built. Any solid foundation takes time to dig way down to a solid core where Christ dwells in us, and to remove all of the dirt and rubish so that a new super structure can be built.

So our times together when we meet on Sunday mornings provides opportunities to see what God is up to in the lives of one another as we share with each other. We have had to throw away our bulletins and printed order of service to really expect and give way to the Spirit of God to have His way with us. Different persons take the lead in our time together. We have an atmosphere where more persons are experiencing the freedom to serve and encourage one another as vital elements of ministering one to another.

As we are learning to live Christ in us, I believe that it is an absolute necessity for us to ask the question: Who is the Christ That is in us? We know that He is in us, but who is He. If we do not know who Christ is that is in us, we will not know what He is like, what He is doing, and why He is doing what He is doing. We will become confused. God is not the author of confusion.

Just a few thoughts to help spring up some ideas. Firstly He is the Anointed One. We have living in us the one and only person who has been ordained by God the one and only person appointed and equipped to live the true life of a son of God or a child of God. You and I are not anointed, nor do we need to seek after the anointing. Rather we have living and alive in as The anointed One. Christ Jesus is the only person who really knows and understands what it is to be a child of God, a son of God. In fact He is the only begotten Son of God. And since we are sons of God, God has sent the Spirit of His Son into our hearts whereby we are enabled to call God Abba Father or Daddy!! Without the Spirit of Jesus Christ in our hearts we would not be able to know God as our Father and to know ourselves as His son. Jesus is the only one who knows the Father. He came out of the very heart and mind of God.

This is a most amazing thing God has done for us. He wants for us the exact same relationship with us that He has with Christ Jesus. God does not want each of us to develop our own relationship with Him. Our efforts of relating to God in our own personal ways will never lift us up to where Christ Jesus is as He relates to God. Our efforts might satisfy us, and if it does the truth is that it only lasts for a short time then we are wondering where is God or what happened. What did I do to lose what I had with God. No, no a thousand times no. All of our efforts to develop our own personal relationship with God will fall short of the glory God has for us. So God sends the Spirit of Christ into us so that through Christ we can now relate to God as He relates to Him.

Christ as Son and God as Father is a very very special relationship that Jesus modeled for us in the Gospel accounts. They do not give a full view of their Father Son relationship, but we do get glimpses. (As I am writing this, I don’t believe that we will get further than Christ – the Anointed One as the Son of God in this posting. We will add to this later, Lord willing). It is obvious, but yet extremely important that Christ Jesus knows that He is the Son of God. No one else knew this fact. It took revelation from God Himself for Peter to answer the question who do you say I am. So for us we must know that we are sons of God. We must also know that our Father has sent the Spirit of Christ into our hearts so that we can know what being a son of God really means and how Christ in us will live it out in the everyday activities of our lives.

Jesus as He walked around saw His Father at work in many ways. One day He spoke to the crowds and asked them why they were so worried about what they were going to eat and what they were going to wear. Now we see that Jesus was never concerned about what He was going to eat, or what He was going to wear, or where He was going to sleep that night. It was not because He had American Express or VISA, or Mastercard. What He did have was a knowing of His Father. A relationship with His Father as the Son who knew His Father. The crowds did not know that it was their Father who was taking care of the birds who neither sowed nor reaped, there was no tithing, no seed sowing, there was no praising going up so that blessings would come down. No none of that, just God their creator taking care of them. Jesus asked them an insightful question that we need to ask ourselves and one another, are you not worth more than birds? Yes we are. We are His children His sons. God is our Daddy and He cares for us more than we know and more than we can ever know left to ourselves developing our own relationship with Him. He is not a dead beat father who has to be taken to court to make him take care of his children. No, He knows our needs before we ask!! God has declared that He has sent Christ into us so that we might relate to Him just like Christ Jesus relates to Him as Father knowing Him the way Jesus knows Him.

Please keep in mind that you can be a son and yet not know much about your father. In fact you can live with your father and work with your father and eat with your father and still be very limited in your actual knowing of him. That is one of the points in Jesus telling of the parable of the Prodigal Son. I rather see it as the parable of two very different sons who neither one knew much about their father. And because they were very limited in their knowledge of  their father, each of their own personal relationships they developed with him were deeply wrong. Each had a personal relationship with their father, but neither of them really knew their father. What both of them needed was the Spirit of Christ in their hearts whereby they could know their Father as He really is to them.

So, who is the Christ that is in us? Firstly He is the anointed Son of God who has come to be alive in us with the same relationship He has with God who is our Father. His presence in us enables us to now know God as our Father in the exact same way that Jesus knows Him, not like the two sons in te parable, or even like anyone else no matter how “spiritual” they may be in our eyes. There is only one person who is ordained and anointed to give us the one and only relationship with God as our Father that pleases Him. Thanks for Christ in us, the Anointed Son of God our very life and access to our Father that we might be the sons of God that pleases Him.

Please share any thoguhts you may have with us.