Christ In You

One of the most mind blowing truths that you can ever come into our view is that Jesus Christ is living in you, (the Bible is full of them). It is the most important life changing truth that Paul the Apostle taught everywhere he went. It was and still is amazing. It is the most radical thing you can imagine. I mean just think, we are told that the same spirit that was in Jesus Christ that made Him who he was as man is in you and me and everyone who has received Jesus Christ. How radical is that!!

This blog is devoted to this amazing fact. It is something to talk about. Roundtables can be devoted to it. Discussion groups can be formed. This is an amazing fact that we are told is true about us.  Nothing is as important to you and to me than a full understanding and a full receiving of all that is implied by such a truth as Christ living His life in you and in me. It impacts every area of our existence to know that right now Jesus Christ is in you and desires to live Himself out of you as Himself, but through you as you

There are so many self help books and seminars, retreat, revival services out there, and the thing that every one of them misses is that no one can live the Christian life. No one can be godly. No matter how hard you try, you will always fail. All of the self help christian books all lead you to failure. That can be a great thing if you then come to Christ and find in Him your completeness. What  joy and peace and outright contentment and rest in God comes in receiving the life of Jesus Christ in your spirit.

This is the treasure that is called the mystery that God hid in ages past, but He has made known to the Body of Christ, the Church, since the day of Pentecost. That mystery is Christ in you the hope of glory. In other words, Christ Himself living in you is the only way you and I can be godly. It is the only way that you and I can live the Christian life. It takes Christ Himself, not the truth about Him but Christ Himself living His life through a man and a woman in order to live the christian life. Anything less than Christ Himself is a sham, a joke, and another attempt that will lead to failure.

Paul the Apostle labored like a woman in labor with a child seeking to have Christ formed again in the believers at Galatia. He knew that it was not just them knowing the truth, but that they needed to have The Truth, Jesus Himself living in them. This is the Word of God becoming alive in us. It is the Word of God becoming flesh and once again living among others in us. You and I become the vehicle by which Christ becomes real to those all around us. Christ is is not just for you only. You need Christ in you to be the man or woman who is made into the image and likeness of God, but others all around us need to eat the fruit of the Spirit being seen through us. All of the fruit of the Spirit, which is the result of Christ living in you, is for every one else. Love in all of is characteristic (patience, joy, long suffering, peace, gentleness, goodness, faith) are to be shown to every one around us in every situation we face.

Yes we have this treasure in earthen vessels. You and I our bodies are the earthen vessels, and Christ in us is the treasure. WOW!!!


2 thoughts on “Christ In You

  1. I enjoyed this blog very much. I loved what and how the truth was written about how Jesus lives inl us. How wonderful is it to know and most important believe that no matter where we are or who we are with that He lives in us and I personally love knowing that he will always take care of me and be there when I want to talk with Him. How blessed are we. He loves us no matter who we are and knowing that when we fail he will forgive us………..

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