Do you know that Jesus Christ is in you?

This is an amazing statement by Paul to those at Corinth (Do you not know your own selves, that Jesus Christ is in you, unless you are reprobates?). We know that the believers at Corinth had many problems that demonstrated their need to grow up. As I read Paul’s letters to the believers at Corinth, I find that he makes some awesome statements.  In another place he states that our body is the temple of  Holy Ghost. That is amazing. God by His Spirit is living in you and me as believers in Christ. WOW!!!

The reason for this blog is to provide a forum for an ongoing open discussion and exchange that focuses on the great truth of Christ in you the hope of glory. I hope that many who have not given much thought to this mind-blowing truth will do so; and in so doing find God’s resting place. It is in this resting place (Christ Himself) where we can experience the joy of God that passes all understanding.

Getting back to our question at hand, do you not know that Jesus Christ is in you.  Have you come to the place of accepting this to be true about you? My view of Paul’s writing is that this is basic in many ways. It is a basic understanding for babes that are in Christ. This is not meat but milk.  So this kind of understanding is to be had by every one of us even those who are just beginning in their journey.  Yes we are carrying around Jesus Christ in us!!!

Jesus Christ in us is basic to real conversion. Anything less than this is grounds for reprobation.  This is basic christianity – Jesus Christ in each one of us. This is the basic result of anyone receiving Him. To receive Christ is to receive Christ. Anything less than Christ Himself is a shadow of the real deal.

Paul raises the bar higher for this statement by saying that if this is not true, if Jesus Christ is not in them, then they are a reprobate. That is strong language, but needed to hammer home this unspeakable truth of the reality that Jesus Christ is you. I know that there are many, many believers who need to hear this over and over again until, as Paul puts it,  Christ is formed in them.

Another interesting point that Paul makes is that you must know this yourself. We must recognize this fact about us ourselves. Oh, this opens to us the intimate relationship we must grow into and up into. Paul could not do this for them, so no one can do for us. It removes all of the false middle men who present themselves as our mediators, and pushes us to go directly to Christ ourself. Paul taught the truth about who they were as a result of what Jesus Christ had done for them; they received it. Now they needed to realize the impact of it. Paul prayed oftentimes that God would grant the revelation needed for them to understand their calling. Now he is saying you have got to know this for yourself how that Jesus Christ is in you.

I look forward to hearing from you.


One thought on “Do you know that Jesus Christ is in you?

  1. I came to the Lord in 1986. When I became a Christian I(I) did a lot of changing. I stopped all the things that I thought were wrong. I started doing things that I thought a Christian was supposed to do. I stopped drinking. I started listening to Christian music. I stopped cursing. I starting reading Christian books. I started and stopped a lot of things, because I was now a Christian.

    When my marriage began to fall apart in 2000, the pressure of that and, trying to live the Christian life was too much. So, I quit. I told the Lord I couldn’t do it anymore.

    Things were all of a sudden easier. I didn’t have to resist sin so hard. It just seemed to become natural. However, because my marriage was still falling apart I didn’t come to realize that what I had discovered was the Grace of God.

    Not until 2001 did I hear any teaching that resembled what I had experience. And even then I didn’t pursue the teaching or understanding. I have only begun to pursue it now in the last couple of months.

    Up until now I have been struggling with my walk. At times I have even wondered if I am even saved. Well, I am, and I am now discovering that I am really one with God in Christ. Just beginning to assimilate the information about Christ being my righteousness, my life, and the assurance of my eternal right standing with God, has been enough to cause great relief and peace to sweep over my soul.

    I feel lighter. I feel more confident before God. I feel good about myself. It is an amazing thing to know the God loves you. And I know that, God loves me!

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